Thank you March 25th, 2020

Dear photographers.

We are overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and many applications we have received these last three days. We never expected this project to resonate with so many of you and it is a great joy to see your conversations grow. A heartfelt thank you to all of you for making this project come to life!

In fact, the number of applications have been so high that unfortunately we will have to be a bit more selective. Our idea is still to allow as many photographers as possible to engage in a conversation on our site, however due to limited time and resources we will not be able to accept every submission going forward. For the lack of a better idea and in order to provide full transparency, the selections and pairings will have to be based on our own photographic understanding.
Our goal is to create pairings that are diverse both in the photographers’ styles as well as in their locations. Naturally, we have received a great number of applications from Germany. Therefor we must especially ask our German photographers for understanding and patience at the moment while we wait for some more applications from other parts of the world to arrive.

Thank you again to all of you, we are excited to see where this project will go and will have some other exciting news for you soon.

Stay safe, stay healthy and happy photographing!

Yana and Jonas