A word on the rules March 26th, 2020

Dear photographers.

Many of you have approached us with questions regarding the rules for your conversations. The short answer is: there are no rules. The only thing we kindly ask of you is to truly engage with your partner’s work and to have a genuine conversation with each other.

The long answer is that when we started this website, we ourselves did not have a clear idea of what the rules should be. Our take on this has also changed a few times throughout these last few days. This has led to us giving some of you contradicting answers. We are sorry if this caused confusion, so in the hope of providing some clarity, here is where we stand right now:

The mission statement for the website is to "showcase photographic conversations between self-isolated photographers". For a while we thought this should mean that all photographs must be new ones, taken in or from your homes for the purpose of these conversations. Some of you quickly and rightfully pointed out to us that this would be very restrictive, given that everyone’s situation is a little different. Some might not have anything to photograph at home and others might not even have access to a camera right now.

While we still like and strongly encourage the idea of everyone capturing the intimacy of their homes during these strange times, we do not want to disallow you from using material from your archive. The only thing we kindly ask of you, as stated above, is not to use this as an opportunity to showcase your portfolio but to truly engage with your partner’s work and to have a genuine conversation with each other. This can be through new photographs as well as pictures you might have taken before.

Lastly, (self-)isolation is what started this project and what has brought all of you here, but your conversations do not have to be about isolation at all. It belongs to the bigger picture of this platform, but you (and your partner) can take your conversation wherever you want.

We hope this can clear a few things up and again, sorry if we might have caused some confusion or frustration before. This thing is moving really fast and we are trying to keep up with it as best we can.

Happy photographing and all the best
Yana and Jonas